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Matrimony team trip to goa for a marriage

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Our Matrimony got an invitation for marriage in goa, matrimony team wants to share the trip experience with us. At first matrimony team started a trip on January 16th, 2019 night, from kacheguda railway station, official journey time is 15 hours and actual time has taken is 24 hours even though we enjoyed trip a lot, train stopped in forest root several times, there is a lot of waterfalls and we enjoyed fresh air and in some places we don't need perfumes, while traveling there is 16 hill ternels will occur in the forest we landed at 'margao' station in goa there is no ola and uber cabs auto and cab charges are very high minimum Rs.500/- if we want to go to the beach there is nearly 40 beaches from one beach to another lot of distance is there if we want to go to the beach its better to book a cab

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What is matrimony

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Matrimony is one of the platforms where we can find a life partner. To use matrimony website services we need to register in the web application and we need to fill the entire details related to him or her to find the most relevant matches. Matrimony asks for proof due to security reasons, to provide genuine profiles. Here there is a charge for viewing a contact details for 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year for each plan there is a limit of contacts and amount is different from plan to plan .

Is Matrimony website is secure?

Yes it is safe ,but they are not responsible for some type is fords ,now a days we are watching in news. But they will help us to get their contact details and proofs of that person which those people provided.

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